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The facts set forth in this application are true and correct. I understand that if employed, any false or misleading statements, omissions or failure to fully answer any question will result in my immediate dismissal, regardless of when such information is discovered. I agree to submit myself at any time upon request for medical examination and/or testing (including drug testing). I authorize Port of Subs® and my former employer to verify employment and educational references in connection with my application for employment and subsequently as Port of Subs® deems appropriate.

I understand and agree that nothing contained in any Port of Subs® handbook, manual, rules or regulations, practice, policy, etc., shall be deemed to create an employment contract between myself and Port of Subs®. It is further understood and agreed that my employment relationship with Port of Subs® is at will and may be terminated on any day by myself or Port of Subs® for any reason, without liability. I represent that I an not relying upon any promises or representations regarding either the nature or duration of my employment in accepting employment if it is offered to me. I understand that no supervisor, manager or other representative of Port of Subs® has any authority to enter into any express or implied contact. I further understand and agree that no promise, representation, inducement or agreement contrary to the above is binding unless it is in writing, expressly states that is is a contract and is signed by the owner of Port of Subs®.

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