Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Eat & Earn Rewards card work?

Simply put, we want to reward you for what you already do when you enjoy all your favorite menu items at Port of Subs®. Just present your card every time you visit; we’ll swipe it and you will earn points on every menu purchase.

What kind of rewards can I expect?

Each time you make a menu purchase at your favorite Port of Subs® restaurant we will credit your Eat & Earn Rewards card 1 point for each dollar spent. Once you’ve accumulated 100 points, you may redeem your points for a FREE* small, medium, or large cold sandwich of your choice.


Be sure to register your card online. We’ll give you a FREE* COOKIE or BROWNIE just for registering! The benefits to registering your card also include a FREE* small cold sandwich on your birthday and exclusive member rewards!

How can I get an Eat & Earn Rewards card, and how much does it cost?

You can pick up an Eat & Earn Rewards card at any participating Port of Subs® restaurant at no cost to you.

How do I activate my Eat & Earn Reward card?

To activate your Eat & Earn Rewards card and start earning points, the cashier will swipe your card at the time of your purchase. We recommend registering your card online so you may start earning the full program benefits.

How do I register my Eat & Earn Reward card online?

Register your card online by visiting and click on the ‘Rewards’ button. You may also CLICK HERE to be directed to the members portal.

What kind of email communications will I receive from Port of Subs® if I opt in?

Port of Subs® will send you a welcome email that will include notification that you have earned a FREE* COOKIE OR BROWNIE just for registering your new Sliced Fresh Rewards card online. You will receive an email notification for a FREE* SMALL COLD SANDWICH on your birthday. You will also receive exclusive member emails with special offers, information about new products and new restaurants, and local event invitations.

Do I need the new Eat & Earn Rewards card or can I continue to use my existing stamp card?

You can continue to use your existing stamp card until you redeem your free sandwich. You may start using the Eat & Earn Rewards card at any time but you cannot use both cards at the same time.

Can I transfer my stamps from my current stamp card to my new Eat & Earn card?

Unfortunately, we cannot transfer your stamp rewards to your new Eat & Earn Rewards card.

How do I redeem my free* sandwich?

When your Eat & Earn Rewards card is swiped, the terminal will recognize that you have earned a free* sandwich reward. You may redeem your free* small, medium or large cold sandwich on your next visit. Please note, you do not have to redeem the reward immediately. There is no limit to how many rewards you can earn and there is no expiration date on the rewards! However, you may redeem 5 sandwich rewards at one time.

How can I check my balance of reward points?


You can check your balance three ways:

    1. Check the bottom of your receipt
      When you use your Eat & Earn Rewards card, your reward balance will print at the bottom of the ticket.
    2. Ask a team member
      We can check the balance on your card just by swiping it at the register.
    3. Register your card
      When your Eat & Earn Rewards card is registered online, you can view your account for the current point balance.
What if I forgot my card?

If you forgot your card, we suggest you pick up a new Eat & Earn Rewards card so you may receive points for your purchase. To avoid having to carry two cards, visit to manage your cards. Once you register and log in you can “attach” or “combine” your cards into one.

What if I lose my card?

If you lose your card just stop by any participating Port of Subs® restaurant location and pick up a new card. Unfortunately, if you failed to register your card prior to losing it, we won’t be able to retrieve your points.

How do I update my contact information?

To update your information simply visit You will enter your information with your existing login that you created when you registered your card.

How long does it take for points to credit to my rewards account?

Credits from the restaurant will show up in your account instantly.

What should I do to make sure that I receive all emails from Port of Subs®?

To ensure that you receive all Port of Subs® emails, we recommend that you add the [email address] email to your address book or contact list so that your email provider doesn’t block the emails.


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