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Minimum Financial Requirements

  • Minimum credit score of 700
  • Liquid Cash Available = $100,000
    *Liquid Cash is comprised of checking, savings, money market accounts, stocks, and bonds
  • Net Worth = $250,000
    *Net Worth = Total Assets (cash + assets) minus Liabilities

Footnote: Assets are comprised of cash, marketable securities, and the current value of real estate property and businesses; excluding jewelry, furnishings, automobiles, boats, IRA, 401K. Liabilities are the current value of outstanding loans, including, but not limited to, credit card balances, real estate mortgages, business lines of credit, promissory notes and student loans

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Financing Options

Port of Subs® is listed on the U.S. Small Business Administration Franchise Registry, which may shorten the loan process for franchise investors. We do not offer direct 3rd party financing though we may be able to offer some guidance on where to obtain information.  You are required to contribute at least 30-35% of the total investment in liquid cash.  These funds should not be generated from 401K or IRA liquidation, or by securing Home Equity Loans or Lines of Credit.  Franchisees may secure financing for up to 70% of the investment with a lending institution of their choice.

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